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Aidan has finished a verse-novel called McCool, published by Goldmark. The work will be launched in London on February 3rd at The Gymnasium at Kings Cross.


Aidan emailed me recently and since we hadn't seen each other for ages I suggested we meet up in London at the Anarchist Bookfair since I was going to be there anyway. He didn't show up but I spoke to him on the phone last night and we had a fairly long chat. He couldn't meet me because he was in a graveyard recording a piece for Radio Joy called Vale Royal Revisited (be patient, he doesn't start speaking until about 15 minutes in).


The event I mentioned in my previous entry was cancelled (postponed) but Aidan and Louise Coe will be jointly leading a Fleet River Pilgimage on March 15th, gathering in the grounds of Kenwood House at 1pm. You have to book to take part - see Voicing the Land for details.

Aidan now has a MySpace page where you can listen to a couple of his tracks - "Gethsemane" and the excellent "Hill Music" (with some lyrical variations I have have not heard before).


In this response to a post about William Blake on the Poet in the City forums, Aidan concludes by announcing a free event:

I am conducting a large-scale urban sacred rite on the night of 20th December 2007. We will be walking the Golden Quatrain of William Blake round Kings X, culminating at dawn on the Penton of Pentonville, claiming the ground of Kings X for the visionaries. We shall be chanting and reciting the many texts which reveal Kings X. All are most welcome.


On Thursday Aidan will deliver Rimbaud Psychogeographer, a poetic lecture which takes the audience on a fascinating journey through the life of the French poet, Rimbaud and his visionary expression of London. See Voicing the Land for details.


On Sunday Aidan performed at the first "Solaris" night at "Sound", a 3 floor club on Leicester Square. I had other stuff to do but I expect it was a good night if you are into that sort of thing. I will have to email him to see how it went.


Aidan's poem Pondering Heron has been published in issue 34 of The Cortland Review.


I just found out about the King's Cross Railway Lands Group. Given his interest in Kings Cross I expect Aidan already knows about it but I will email him just to make sure.


Aidan's poem "Ode to a Postbox" has been published in the Guardian where you can also hear him reading it if you follow the link.


Aidan will be launching his new poem at historic St Pancras Old Church on Saturday December 2nd at 7pm.


Aidan will be giving a lecture titled Rimbaud, The First Psychogeographer on October 4th at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution.


I bumped into Aidan a few weeks back when he performed at The Square and had a brief chat with him after his set. He mentioned some kind of forthcoming launch but I can't remember what of. I do remember him saying something about a website called Intelligent Playground which I have just had a look at.

I was prompted to add an entry today when I read Aidan's poem for Summer 2006 called "Sky Ploughman" which he mailed out a couple of days ago. This is the first of his quartely poems which are replacing the monthly ones he used to release. There haven't been any monthly poems recently and he said that is because he has been away "wool-gathering". This reminded me of one of my favourite books called Wool Gathering by Patti Smith.


Lack of time has prevented me from updating this page. I attended "The Six Fifty" on 2005-09-07, where Aidan read Alan Ginsberg's "Howl". One of the highlights was when Carolyn Cassady agreed to take questions and enchanted the audience with her wit and wisdom.

More recently though (on 2005-11-23) I attended the launch of Aidan's new book "The Uninhabitable City". I went with Malcolm who wrote this report.


I popped in to the October Gallery yesterday while I was in the area and picked up a flyer for the event I mentioned in my last entry. I couldn't find any details for "The Six Fifty" on the web so I have posted the text of the flyer.


I saw Aidan at the Old St Pancras Church in January but have been out of touch again since then. I did get an email that he sent out at the beginning of the month with his poem for September, and I noticed that he has a website at (this domain was registered by Goldmark Gallery on 2003-01-30). I remember at one point Aidan had registered but it seems to have expired on 2005-04-10.

I believe Aidan will be involved in an event at the October Gallery in early October but I don't have details as yet. The October Gallery seems to be in the process of migrating it's website - here is the new site.


Aidan will be marking a year of his poetry newsletter with a reading at Old St Pancras Church London NW1 at 19:30 on 2005-01-08. He will be joined by Jeremy Reed and Niall McDevitt and proceeds will go towards tsunami disaster relief. Incidentally this coincides with an international day of action in solidarity with those still facing charges following demonstrations at the 2003 EU summit in Thessaloniki.

Aidan's poem "Maggot" has been published in the current issue (228) of Resurgence.


Well, is back, but it has morphed into something new and Aidan's two tracks are not there.


I just noticed that Dartmouth College where I spent 5 years as a grad student have acquired a copy of "Universal".


As part of a general reorganisation of my site I have promoted Aidan, and he now has a whole directory "/ian/aidan/" as opposed to a single file "/ian/misc/aidan.html". During these changes I did some link checking and discovered that has gone dormant which means that the two tracks which had there are not currently available.


I received an email from Aidan in which he mentioned that he is doing a small film about the poet Christopher Smart. He has also kindly allowed me to post a poem of his called Love.


I have not seen Aidan for a long time, but there are rumours that he has been hiding out in the Cotswolds.


Following Aidan's gig in NYC, Ira Cohen came over to the UK to perform with Aidan at the October Gallery


Aidan kicked off his US tour by appearing in NYC with Ira Cohen at the Pink Pony on the Lower East Side. Ian Gregory 2010