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A Reading Tomorrow at The October Gallery



A poetry reading to celebrate one of the most influential poetry readings ever. The Six Gallery Reading in San Francisco launched the Beat poets on an all-too-suspecting public. McClure, Snyder, Lamantia, Whalen and Ginsberg became new names in U.S. poetry. Alan Ginsberg's HOWL - which no one had heard before - became an instant Isaiah-like prophesy for America and smashed the force-field of McCarthyism.

Fifty years on six contemporary London-based poets are gathering to remember that landmark evening for poetry and to honour other Beats such as Kerouac, Wieners, Burroughs, Waldman, Corso, and Fainlight.

As coda, the poets will usher us into the third millennium with a volley of original poems. Poets: JOHN CONSTABLE, AIDAN ANDREW DUN, LISA HAYDEN, YANG LIAN, NIALL McDEVITT and CHRISTOPHER TWIGG. Held at the prestigious October Gallery where Burroughs once exhibited his paintings and which is profoundly connected to the American and international avant-garde. Ian Gregory 2010