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Perfect Science - Perfect Scam?


Back in September 2007 I reported that Terry Welch had been blocked from editing Wikipedia due to vandalism, spamming and personal attacks. In fact I don't know for certain that she was blocked - what I do know is that she made no more contributions using that account after she received a final warning. I mention this because I just noticed that she recently created a new account which has been blocked - see User talk:Tryfl2655 (back in 2006 she emailed me using the address tryfl2655@yahoo.com).

Terry's first edit using this new account was on 2009-11-28 when she added a link to the Drunvalo Melchizedek article. Over the following 17 days she did about 300 more edits on the same article until "Suffusion of Yellow" noticed and reverted them citing several Wikipedia policies. Over the next hour or so she continued making changes and after a couple of warnings about disruptive edits, personal commentary, open letters and copyrighted material her account was blocked indefinitely by "SoWhy" who said that it was "being used only for vandalism".


Someone calling themselves Linsey used my contact form to ask me a question but failed to give an email address so I can't send a personal reply. Here is what Linsey said:

Can you please tell me the original source of the perfect science formulas? I am a chemist and have had them analyzed and they are a combo of tow common industrial surfactants, that is all...no magic...so who decided to actually drink them? I was told that Doyuk actually stole them from someone who has now died...is this true?

Which "formulas" did you analyse? Numerous people have been selling all sorts of stuff using the name Perfect Science. Toilet cleaning products, flame retardants, health tonics, hair conditioner etc. As far as I can gather the whole thing started in Turkey with Ahyan Doyuk but you may know more than me. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the cleaning products were based on common surfactants (which two did you find?) but there are many concentrates that are sold to be diluted with water and drunk. It is claimed that these "detoxify" your body, prevent ageing etc. I have no idea what is in them but drinking surfactants can't be good for you (can it?) so I would hope they are different "formulas".


Someone claiming to be Dan O'Connell browsing from a comcast IP address used my contact form to tell me that two websites linked from this page are down, so I checked. One of the sites referred to is Stella Zambrano's www.aydocom.com which is not down but does display a message which translates as "Dear friends, we are updating our website". The other one is www.adperfectsystems.com, which is working fine. Someone is clearly feeding me misinformation.

While I was at it I checked the rest of the links on this page. So first of all, www.perfectscience.com is back but now just redirects to Terry Welch's "Royal Kadin Official Store" (the domain used to be registered to Nancy Welch but now it is anonymised by Whois Privacy Protection Service Inc). Another one of Terry's sites has now gone dead though - www.perfectscience.net just goes to a namedrive.com holding page (the domain name appears to be registered to Quattara Mohamed of Burkina Faso). Then we have www.ayhandoyuk.com which now just goes to a holding page at sedo.com (domain registered in Korea), and finally www.perfectsciencead.com which goes to a search portal at information.com (domain registered to Internet Reit, Inc).

You would never get so much domain churn with a legitimate operation.


On 2008-11-30 someone claiming to be Stella Zambrano used my contact form (from an ISP in Spain) to send me a message. She said that she is working with Ayhan Doyuk and has (like me) come under attack from Terry Welch. Stella invited me to contact her by email which I did. Of Ayhan Doyuk she said:

Until the year 1998, a company existed in Turkey, that was of his exclusive property (with no partners involved) which was manufacturing a product line of cleaning agents and products for environmental remediation.

Stella seems to believe that this was a genuine company, with a legitimate product line and a website that was run for Ayhan by Steve Torrence. She claims that this business was essentially hijacked by Terry Welch in 1998. In 1999 Drunvalo Melchizedek gave his notorious "Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water" talk at Mount Shasta, which thrust the "Perfect Science" brand name into the kook limelight.

By 2001 (when I became interested) there seemed to be two main rival "Perfect Science" websites - one on a domain registered to Nancy Welch and another on a domain registered to Steve Torrence. I don't know how many factions are fighting over the brand now. Stella's email address is at aydocom.com, which was registered in 2006. I see www.aydocom.com links prominently to www.adperfectsystems.com, the site which apparently took over in 2002 from the original one run by Steve Torrence.


Terry Welch appears to be running an extraordinarily pervasive Internet campaign to try to extract child support payments from Ayhan Doyuk. Terry stated on at least two of her plethora of blogs that she is unemployed and claiming welfare in the State of Illinois, so it seems odd that she also claims to be Chairwoman of Lansing, IL based Perfect Science A.D. This organisation, through its online Royal Kadin Official Store is selling high priced health tonics of unspecified composition using meaningless pseudo-scientific jargon. Mineral water for $200 per bottle seems like it would be a nice little earner - does she really receive no salary in her capacity as Chairwoman?


This is getting rather interesting. I just came across the user talk page for Terry Welch on Wikipedia. It seems that she was blocked for vandalism, spamming and personal attacks - all within the space of four hours!


Apparently this web page is being followed with interest by Terry Welch, who has taken it upon herself to publish private emails that I sent to her last year. Well if that is how she wants to play it I am free to reveal what actually happened.

On 2006-04-08 I received an unsolicited message via my contact form from someone who only later identified herself as Terry Welch. This is what it said:

While looking for Ayhan Doyuk through Yahoo I came up with your website. I was searching to help my grandchildren. I opened up a website for my grandchildren. www.ayhandoyukdeadbeatdad.com This is a yahoo group.You might have trouble getting it to come up since we are still working on it. We are offering a reward for direct contact with Ayhan Doyuk.

I was reluctant to get involved but since this page was at that time coming up number 2 out of about 1,300 Google hits for "Ayhan Doyuk" I suggested (unwisely as it turns out) that I might assist her by linking from this page to her site. In return I asked if she could see her way to making a small donation (whatever she felt to be reasonable) to the zenatode fund. On 2006-04-12 the zenatode fund received a payment of £29 and I completed my part of the bargain by linking from this page to her site (the link has remained here to this day). On 2006-04-22 she emailed me to say:

Thank you for your link. Got some action! A phone call from Ayhan Doyuk; put pressure on him for child support. He gave " promises"; lets see where this will go. Will send you another donation next month.

I responded by telling her that she should not feel obliged to send any further donation but on 2006-06-06 the zenatode fund did in fact receive a further payment of £27. These are the plain facts of the matter and I retain full copies of all email correspondence between myself and Terry Welch. The money she donated to the zenatode fund (a total of £56) helped to pay some of the hosting fees for the zenatode site.


There is no chance that I will be able to keep up with this rapidly morphing scam but I might as well do a quick update. First of all, www.perfectscience.com has gone dead (it goes to a page at Siska.Net Web Hosting). The domain is still registered but unless it is renewed it will expire on 2007-10-30. Unfortunately another site has sprung up to replace it.

The new site is www.perfectscience.net, and the perfectscience.net domain was registered on 2007-06-08 by Terry Welsh of Glenwood, IL (back in 2001, perfectscience.com was registered to Nancy Welch of Glenwood, IL). Terry Welsh/Welch is the person who contacted me early last year to say "We are offering a reward for direct contact with Ayhan Doyuk" and to point me to the Ayhan Doyuk Dead Beat Dad website which she claimed to have set up. On that website there are links to www.perfectscience.com (the one that has gone offline) and also to www.perfectwaters.net (warning, cheesy flash intro page with loud music). The perfectwaters.net domain name was actually registered way back on 2001-06-19 and the registrant is currently listed as:

Perfect Waters LLC
Robert J Bunn
Po Box 162
New Lenox, IL 60451

Incidentally, once you skip the entry page you get to a page which says "We Support N.E.S.A.R.A.!" NESARA is a can of worms that I don't intend to open, suffice it to say that it is linked to an ex-Ramtha student Shaini Goodwin aka "Dove of Oneness".

But I digress. The main activity seems to be centred around the new perfectscience.net site. I was prompted to update this page when I noticed a link to my website coming from Blogger. It was from one of the ten blogs run by a user who has been on Blogger since August 2007 using the name "The Real people behind Doyuk" - here is the user's Blogger profile. Extracts from this page and at least one email I sent to Terry have been published on these blogs.


The people who put up the Ayhan Doyuk Dead Beat Dad website are apparently the same people who run www.perfectscience.com. I just received an "Action Alert" from one of them, encouraging me to sign a "Regenerate Our Good Earth" petition, despite the fact that the petition deadline expired nearly three years ago? It seems that Perfect Science approached participants in the 1996 Habitat II UN conference on Human Settlements and unsuccessfully tried to peddle their snake oil. Obviously I did not sign the petition.

Following up on this I came upon the AMPP website which is all about the architecture of modern political power. It has a section about The New Age which states:

The WANGO secretary-general is Wally N'Dow, who ran the U.N. conference known as Habitat II and served as the convening chair of Mikhail Gorbachev's State of the World Forum.

WANGO is the "World Association of Non-Governmental Organisations" and their website states that Wally was appointed as first secretary-general in October 2000 and was succeeded in November 2001 by Taj Hamad. Despite being somewhat out of date the AMPP site does provide some interesting leads. For example, it turns out that WANGO was set up as a front group by the organisation of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. But I digress:-)


It has come to my attention that a reward is being offered for information leading to the whereabouts of Ayhan Doyuk. For details see Ayhan Doyuk Dead Beat Dad.


On 2003-10-30 I received an email from someone I shall refer to as Mr Pink, who reported that a close relative had "lost a huge amount of money because of a loan for Perfect Science" but that Ayhan Doyuk blamed the loss on theft by an accountant. I replied to Mr Pink but he has failed to respond.

In a more interesting development I was contacted today by Steve Torrence.


A couple of days ago I got a message via my contact form from a "Claudia Schopf" who mentioned that Ayhan Doyuk visited Austria a few months ago to demonstrate his "wonderwater". She asked whether I had any new information but failed to give me a contact address. Anyway, for your benefit Claudia I am updating this page.

There is in fact nothing much to report although I think it is time to reveal some details of a couple of emails apparently sent by someone I shall refer to as Mr Green. The first, forwarded to me by one of the other recipients on 2001-11-20, was to Ayhan Doyuk regarding a sizable short term loan which had not been repaid. The second, sent directly to me using my contact form on 2003-05-09, was to inform me that Ayhan and his new partner Estela Zambrano aka Elia had indeed swindled him.

I have also received a couple of emails from people who believe some weird shit. I briefly investigated some sort of nonsense process called "Tachyonization" named after a hypothetical particle and quickly realised that "Super Ionised Water" is a mere drop in an ocean of bogosity.


The administrative contact for perfectsciencead.com, Steve Torrence, seems to have moved from Parkland, FL to Reno, NV and furthermore, www.perfectsciencead.com no longer has a DNS address record. There is still a cached copy on Google which was last modified in June and which has a link to "the new Perfect Science website" at www.adperfectsystems.com. Interestingly, the "Admin Name" for adperfectsystems.com is Ayhan Doyuk and the website includes a statement that it is "the only one authorised website by Mr Ayhan Doyuk..." whereas www.ayhandoyuk.com does not list it among the three official Perfect Science A.D. websites but does list Steve Torrence as one of those who have been making false claims.


Just enough time for a brief update. First of all I noticed that, of the 131 unique IP addresses that have accessed my website since 2002-08-19, 24 of them were in Brazil (or at least were DNS registered with .br domain names). Curiously, each of these 24 machines had only accessed a single page on my site - this one! What is it with all the interest from Brazil?

Secondly, I had a look at www.ayhandoyuk.com which is apparently Ayhan Doyuk's website. On this site he accuses Peter Rohsmann, Steve Torrence and Rick Wigginton of making false claims. Interestingly, on a copy of this site cached on Google he also included my name! He never contacted me but has for some reason decided to remove my name from the list - why? For the record the full list of accused on the cached page is: Peter Rohsmann, Steve Torrence, Evelyn levy, Ian Gregory, Richard and Jocelyn Mc Tyre.


Have you heard of a company called "Perfect Science A.D." which claims to be able to solve the world's environmental problems? Someone told me about it and I decided to investigate. I created this page to share what I have discovered so far.

First of all there are at least two competing websites that claim to represent a company called "Perfect Science A.D."; www.perfectscience.com and www.perfectsciencead.com. Both indicate that the president of the company is a Mr Ayhan Doyuk. I used a whois server to find out who the domains are registered to and emailed a contact for each site to see if I could clear up the confusion:

Domain name:          perfectscience.com
Registered address:   Glenwood, IL, US
Billing contact:      WELCH, NANCY  (NW1453)
Email sent to:        mmickley@perfectscience.com
Reply received from:  ADoyuk@webtv.net

Domain name:          perfectsciencead.com
Registered address:   Parkland, FL, US
Billing contact:      Torrence, Steve  (ST739)
Email sent to:        steve.torrence@POWERCITY.NET
Reply received from:  Steve@PerfectScienceAD.com

Both accused the other site of being an impostor. Steve Torrence claims to administer his site on behalf of Ayhan Doyuk and that ADoyuk@webtv.net is not Ayhan's email address. I gave up trying to resolve this issue.

Both sites are promoting some sort of secret process which can clean the earth of (primarily petro-chemical) pollution. I have searched the web for anything which might support these claims and come up with exactly nothing; tending to confirm my initial assumption that the whole thing is basically a hoax. It seems that they are making outrageously exaggerated claims for some sort of Phase-Transfer Catalysis (PTC) process. PTC does have promising applications in converting certain types of chemical waste into useful products. For instance PTC Organics Inc. was given a US DOE grant for a proposal to build a pilot plant. However, if you do a Google search for PTC+Perfect+Science you will find a discussion which indicates that Perfect Science has no credibility whatsoever in the PTC community.

Apart from their environmental magic wand, Perfect Science also seem to have a line in various domestic products including fantastically expensive bottled water. There are various companies selling bottled water using the same sort of jargon, whether they are independent, paying license fees, franchised or what I don't know. Some of the sales are through MLM schemes. I wouldn't drink it if they were giving it away; it is just water and I can get as much as I want by turning a tap.

I was interested in the fact that my investigations kept leading to a strange character by the name of Drunvalo Melchizedek. On 1999-05-01 he apparently gave a talk at Mount Shasta in California entitled "Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water". It seems he had been invited to speak as part of the Wesak celebration organised by a guy called Dr. Joshua David Stone, author of such books as "Golden Keys to Ascension & Healing: Co-Creating with Sai Baba and the Ascended Masters", and one of the big hitters in what is referred to as "The Ascension Movement".

Dr Stone has a website which includes a page advertising a product called "Water of Life". Although he implies that this water is from Perfect Science there is an order form which is to be sent to his own academy with checks payable to him. Interestingly this web page makes no mention of Drunvalo and implies that the lecture at the 1999 Wesak Celebration was in fact given by Ayhan Doyuk himself. Interesting because you would think Dr Stone should know who spoke at an event which he organised, and yet this contradicts many people who claim to have been there (it does seem that Ayhan was on the program at Wesak the following year). Dozens of people have put copies of the transcript of this talk on the web. I won't give a specific link but here is an extract from the summary and you can search for it yourself:

Some spiritually aware people in Turkey have presented to the world a water that appears to be alive and have God-consciousness. This water has different effects on different things. It seems to have an optimal effect on whatever it touches. They used it in one of the most polluted bays in the world... dark with black bubbles. It became totally clear within a few days. Unfortunately the channels coming into the bay continue to pollute it. Drunvalo Melchezidek[sic] had just come from a meeting with FBI, CIA, military officials, and top corporation scientists in Washington where they demonstrated this water in action. It cleared away the most disgusting pollution in glass containers (sewage, oil, chemicals) very quickly with only a teaspoon of the water.

In the question and answer section at the end of the talk Drunvalo apparently said that a company in Istanbul called Perfect Science was being formed by a "humble, little beautiful person that has discovered something he is giving to the world". I assume he was referring to Ayhan Doyuk although he avoided mentioning the name. On his own website however, Drunvalo claimed that it was in fact Ayhan who demonstrated the water to the bigwigs in Washington.

I found a message on the Flower of Life Discussion Forum apparently from Mike Mickley speaking as a representative of Perfect Science which acknowledges that Drunvalo spoke about the company at Wesak 1999. However he claims that the talk basically misrepresented Perfect Science and that Drunvalo is not connected with the company.

Incidentally, if you are thinking "what about Fedyakin's 1966 discovery of polywater?" then please look at this 1995 NRC report

Finally, a few more keywords to help people find this website - Perfect Aqua, Royal Kadin, Ayterion Agua, Itronic, Pan-Thor Technologies, Aquatron, Prognos, Super Ionized Water, Sacred Water, Turkey.

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