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Steve Torrence


I have had some further email correspondence with Steve and cleared up a few things - he even invited me to his place if I am ever in Rio! He has reviewed my Perfect Science page and "didn't really see much to correct". In fact he didn't bother making any corrections because the "history of Perfect Science is such a mess and it doesn't really matter at this point". Apparently there were always "crazy energies" and "bull****" hanging around Ayhan Doyuk. Sounds like he is glad to be out of the loop.

His interest in breatharianism has also waned as he has been putting most of his energy into building an ecological house in Brazil. He did point out an interesting BBC article about Prahlad Jani - Fasting Fakir Flummoxes Physicians. Another name for the alleged ability to live without food is Inedia.


Steve Torrence recently Googled for his name and, finding it on my Perfect Science page, contacted me to comment on his relationship with Ayhan Doyuk. He claims not to have heard from him for several years and that he is "out of the loop". I replied and received a further response which prompted me to do some Googling of my own. It took a while to tie the threads together but now I have a handle on him and have created this page to summarise.

Steve accessed my website from (easyband.com.br) and gave an email address at powercity.net which was the admin contact on 2001-07-23 for perfectsciencead.com (now held in limbo by Popular Enterprises). Well the admin contact for powercity.net is Steve Torrence of Reno, NV and www.powercity.net resolves to which in turn resolves to prana.justclick.net. A quick look at this site (even the URL gives a clue) reveals that Steve purports to be a Breatharian which to me indicates either a tenuous grip on reality or that he is pulling a fast one.

In his domain registrations Steve gives an email at mac.com where it also turns out that he has this homepage which currently hosts photographs of the very nice looking house he is building in Brazil with his partner Evelyn Levy. In his email he claims to have worked with Ayhan Doyuk attempting to get Perfect Science technology adopted in Brazil as part of a 1.2 billion dollar project in Rio de Janeiro.

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