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Who is Drunvalo Melchizedek?


I just noticed that there is a Drunvalo page on Wikipedia. It was created three months ago by user PhilAuckland, who has also done most of the subsequent editing. I just did an edit (user Ianji) to note that Drunvalo was born Bernard Perona.


Over a year since my last entry and I don't have anything of substance to add. I did just read an amusing web page with the same title as mine though - an August 1995 article by "Density4/Devin".


I am ready to add a few new names to this page. First I would like to mention a Kabbalah scholar called Stan Tenen and his vehicle the Meru Foundation. It seems that Stan does command some respect amongst mathematicians and artists and that he is the original source of ideas which have inspired a host of New Age guroids. One of these is Dan Winter, who got into trouble for plagiarising Stan's work and had his website confiscated by court order. On 1998-07-28 Dan apparently signed this Corrective Notice which includes the statement:

I regret that others have been misled by my false claims, and I strongly encourage Mr. Vincent Bridges my publisher, and Drunvalo Melchizadek, a/k/a/ Bernard Perona d/b/a Flower of Life, Inc., and all others who have repeated my false and hurtful reports, to stop doing so.

Well that is interesting in that it supports the idea that Drunvalo was formerly known as Bernard, but I have another new name to add to the stew as well. Googling for "Drunvalo Melchizedek" and "Stan Tenen" together I came across this exchange posted at Stardrive.org in which it is claimed that Drunvalo was funded to the tune of $3 million by the former CEO of Corporate Express Mr. Jirka Rysavy. Googling for "Jirka Rysavy" and "Drunvalo Melchizedek" together gave about 60 results and whilst none of them "prove" a connection between them, these Charles Gilchrist Mandalas were apparently inspired by Drunvalo and commissioned by Jirka.


Although I still notice a lot of hits on this page from people searching for info about Drunvalo I have not been contacted by anyone recently. I was just checking some links on this page and I noticed that Bob Dratch has been busy. He has a new site at bob-dratch.org which is quite amusing in its sheer nonsensicality.


On 2004-11-26 I met a very interesting dude at a squatted church in North London. I had quite a deep conversation with him, and it turned out that he knows Drunvalo. I may post more about this at some point.

I was just checking, and Bob Dratch's new site that I mentioned on 2003-09-25 has gone 403 - apparently due to HYPERMART discontinuing free Web Hosting. However, his old site appears to have gained a new lease of life, and he has obviously been investigating the situation in the Middle East. He has links to a number of documents which suggest that Israel has been using chemical weapons against Palestinians, and furthermore, he suggests that these same weapons may have been involved in the death of Yasser Arafat.


According to SCAMDOG it seems that Drunvalo Melchizedek has nothing to do with the fraudulent Dominion of Melchizedek


I just noticed that directory.co.uk has 47 URLs listed for "Drunvalo", and that this page is ranked number one:-)


Over two years have passed since I wrote this page so I figured it needed at least a minor update. There is an interesting discussion on FACTNet about JZ Knight which mentions Drunvalo and links to my site. I am also linked from this thread on the Zelator Messageboard which started with a discussion about the Zoso Symbol used by Jimmy Page. I subscribed to hallofrecords@yahoogroups.com and posted a message which prompted a response regarding a workshop that Drunvalo did with a "lunatic" called Larry Hunter. Shortly after that I noticed hits which implied that people were discussing this page in CosmicClock@yahoogroups.com but when I tried subscribing my request was rejected by the moderator. Bob Dratch has a new website but the Wayback Machine has a copy of the page I quoted from. I also noticed that the link I gave for information about the "Hall of Records" now points to some sort of commercial site.


Whilst investigating the claims of a company called Perfect Science I stumbled across the name Drunvalo Melchizedek and thereby opened a Pandora's box. This web page is an attempt to make sense of what I found. I hope you find it interesting or at least amusing and that it proves helpful if you are attempting to uncover the truth about Drunvalo. Not an easy task when the web seems to be inhabited by the sort of people who will readily believe that he is an Atlantean CIA agent just popped in from the 4th dimension.

I would recommend that you start by getting hold of a 4th dimensional plug-in for your browser and checking out www.drunvalo.net where you can read about his current projects and find out all about the Order of Melchizedek. Come back soon though because I have found some even juicier links for you to explore.

In the early 1990's Drunvalo founded "Flower of Life Research" as an umbrella organisation through which to teach his Flower of Life workshop. In 1997 he apparently handed over the reigns to pursue other interests. Currently floweroflife.org is registered to Lyssa and Ronald Holt of Phoenix Arizona. The Flower of Life website includes what is apparently a version of Drunvalo's resume that starts from the time he was at UCB in the late 1960's and which seems far more specific than anything I could find on his own website.

According to this resume Drunvalo got his degree in 1970 then headed up to Canada, married a woman called Renee and lived at Kootenay Lake. As you will soon realise, it is significant that he does not mention that he ever went by a different name.

Are you still with me? Well hold on tight because things now start to get really bizarre. First port of call is the curious website of a guy called Bob Dratch AKA Dolphin Hyper-Resonance Institute, inventor of the Godbox(tm) Holographic Waveform Projector. On a page entitled "Spooks, Mystery and Intrigue" we find:

In the late 80's I met someone who calls himself "Drunvalo" (at that time, he had not changed his name yet to Melchezidek, but kept his natural name of Bernard Perona, although he used to call himself as AKBAR before his "drunvalo incarnation) - I was introduced to him by Bruce Mace of Aspen Colorado.

Bob refers to a CIA connection and goes on to reveal how he once "scanned the neural ganglia of Drunvalo" prior to the "Entrance of the Dark Light Spiral".

The implication that Drunvalo is a 5000 year old Atlantean appeared in a posting to the psychoceramics mailing list, an interesting forum for the discussion of crackpot phenomena. In a followup to this posting I became aware of his interest in the Hall of Records which is a generic term referring to all three locations (in Egypt, Yucatan and Bimini) at which, according to the readings of Edgar Cayce, the records of the Atlantean civilisation exist. Apparently Drunvalo is a contributor to the hallofrecords@yahoogroups.com mailing list but I have not managed to find the archives without subscribing to the group.

I then decided to change tack and focus on the name Akbar, at which point I discovered the following book:

The Traveler & the End of Time: The Secret Life of Ken Page
Paperback, 195 Pages, Clear Light Arts, March 1996
ISBN: 0964970317
Author: Page, Ken / Hemingway, Simon P.
Editor: Page, Mary D.

This book is actually available online at www.kenpage.com where in Chapter 10: Blue Lake we find the following:

Don told me about the year he spent living off of the land in British Columbia in 1971. The story ended when he was poisoned and died. He held me in his steady gaze waiting to make sure that what he had told me had taken root. "Don is dead," he explained seriously. "I am Akbar now." I understood. Akbar was the being that had come in to inhabit his body after Don left. It was like a sublease. I understood subleases. My uncle didn't take his eyes off of me. "Akbar," I said experimentally, trying out the feel of it on my tongue. No problem. Instead of my ultracool Uncle Don I now had the wise and mysterious Uncle Akbar. Everybody should be so lucky. Uncle Don was Uncle Akbar for only a few years. Today he's widely known as Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Are we getting a coherent picture yet? Not really, but at least a few pieces of the puzzle are matching up.

To be continued....

www.zenatode.org.uk Ian Gregory 2010