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Legend of the double-Georges


Aidan AD

Future mythographers of humankind (if any) will struggle with the idea that two distinct men named George Bush both joined battle on separate occasions with an eastern dictator known as Satan Hussein. 'The baseless legend of the double-Georges,' they will suggest in contorted papers, 'is after- embellishment invented to lend weight to the perception that the comportment of America and the West at the time was dualistic and hypocritical. The two men are one and the same cloven angel'.

We were so solid on the field of Hyde Park the other night. We were thinking of the massacre threatening, the children who are to die if the state loses its reason. We all now feel the need for some new realpolitik. One possibility: to do nothing militarily while a few hundred road-vehicles manned by urban-warrior dj's set up in the regions surrounding any current trouble-spot. Cool parties kicking-in every night within earshot of the so- called enemy would pretty soon pull more adventurous 'enemy' kids over the borders after sunset, happily converting to groove-culture, the only thing the West's got to offer in their view. (Doesn't Plato say that music brings the Golden Age?) It's conceivable that under this form of non-violent attack any given rogue-state would gradually shrink without bloodshed. Repressive authorities would then have to check the Taoist proverb which says: Never give a sword to a man if he can't dance. Ian Gregory 2010