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I am now blogging a bit on Multiply and to a lesser extent Blogger, which partly explains why I haven't added any reports here in the last eighteen months.


I brought my Mac OS X "first impressions" report into this directory. I think that is about it for stuff currently on my site but I may add one or two things I have written that have not as yet been on the web.


I tidied up the four reports I moved here yesterday. This involved some edits that I mention because I don't want anyone telling me that I have been unethical when they discover differences between these files and archived versions. The edits were minor and only intended to restore context that was lost when I removed them from their original locations.


I have been undertaking a major reorganisation of my website, and felt the need to bring various reports together into a special section. The thing they have in common is that they were all written by me (Ian Gregory) about things that I experienced myself. Ian Gregory 2010