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Last year a friend took me for a walk to Nevern where we saw the famous "Bleeding Yew" and the Ogham writing on the Vitalianus Stone. I was thinking about it now because I have just read The Yew: Sacred Tree of Transformation and Rebirth by Glennie Kindred.

The Yew article mentions the Michael and Mary lines which run from Cornwall all the way to Norfolk. Over a period of more than two years, Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst tracked the course of the course of this "enigmatic flow of natural energy" and then recounted their adventure in The Sun and the Serpent.

Some believe that the Michael and Mary lines (which follow each other closely if they are not in fact just different aspects of the same line) are part of a much longer line. An endless line in fact, which circles the Earth passing through Ayers Rock and Lake Titicaca as well as Glastonbury Tor. See the Rainbow Serpent Project for details.


All my other plans were put on hold this Summer for the G8 Bike Ride which was a great success. Draig Enfys is in limbo following failure to negotiate the purchase of Sychpant and I don't know if/when I will move to Wales.


The fact that I have only just started a page on Paganism does not imply that I have only just become interested in it. If you are familiar with my website you might have noticed a page on Pagan Magikal Activism.

The reason I have chosen to start this page now is partly related to the fact that I am planning a move to Wales. I am involved in setting up a housing co-op called Draig Enfys at a farm on the edge of the Preseli Hills. It is an area rich in Celtic history and folklore, and as with Glastonbury there seems to be a strong Pagan undercurrent.

So my first item on this page is a mention of an excellent book called Sacred Celebrations by Glennie Kindred. This book is useful for anyone who feels drawn to connect with the natural cycles of the sun and moon by exploring the ancient traditions handed down to us since before Celtic times. The solar cycle is what I have been thinking about recently, and the symbol of the eight spoked wheel. Ian Gregory 2010