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Pagan Magikal Activism


The pagan-magic list at riseup was not being used any more and has been shut down.


I have been a bit out of touch and busy with other stuff, but I should mention an excellent online pagan activist calendar at pagAnarchy.


I just discovered The Hermetic Library.


I think it was last night I was listening to RampART Radio when I heard an interview with Steve of the Dionysian Underground.


Legal and General bond dealer John Monckton was fatally stabbed last night. Apparently he was one of the people responsible for the preservation of the Temple of Mithras.


I was at the Anarchist Bookfair yesterday but had other commitments and was unable to attend the PMA workshop on the use of sigils.


Having mentioned it at a recent meeting I decided to put up page about some research I did a few years ago regarding a mysterious cobbled stone circle on the Isle of Dogs.


A Pagan Magikal Aktivism (PMA) mailing list has just been created.


Last night a few Pagans came along to the London Anarchist forum (see also my Anarchism notes) and we had an interesting chat in the pub afterwards. They mentioned a ritual they had done at the Temple of Mithras during the recent European Social Forum. The Temple was built sometime in the middle of the second century A.D. and rediscovered relatively recently by construction workers - at which point it was relocated to its present site in Temple Court. Ian Gregory 2010