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Disarm DSEi 2007


Here is a roundup of the week of actions.


I have missed out on DSEi action this year, but was pleased to see my new soundsystem (Son of Pedals) make an appearance - it is the box being towed behind the tandem in this video of a Critical Mass style ride to Dockland. DJ Eon was DJing from the back seat.


The Space Hijackers are raising money to buy a tank for DSEi.


I have not been involved in any planning for Disarm DSEi this year, but the twice yearly festival of destruction is happening again this year in London's Docklands and people have been busy organising the usual festival of resistance. I am not even sure whether I will be able to get involved at all this year but I encourage others to do so. If you are interested in my perspective on the previous two events then check out my 2005 and 2003 pages. Ian Gregory 2010