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Disarm DSEi 2003


Apparently there was a case yesterday at Stratford Magistrates Court where anti-DSEi protesters were to argue that they should not have been arrested for peaceful protest when the police had received orders from "ministerial level" to ignore serious breaches of law that were taking place inside the fair. See this Indymedia press release.

I missed the meeting at LARC on Sunday, the next one is on 2004-02-26 at RFH.


Adverts are already appearing in the defence press for DSEi 2005 and Disarm DSEi are having an open meeting on 2004-01-18 at LARC to discuss how to take the campaign forward. For a good review of the 2003 protests take a look at this CAAT report.


Well, I made it down to DSEi on Wednesday as intended and have just written this report. For more reports and pictures take a look at Indymedia UK coverage. Much respect to all those that took part, including the lovely sambistas from Rhythms of Resistance and the Sheffield Samba Band.


This year I intend to get down to London's Docklands to take part in protests against the Defence Systems & Equipment International arms fair which are being coordinated by Disarm DSEi. There are many groups taking part and lots of events leading up to the unfair which starts on 2003-09-09 at ExCeL Centre. In particular, London Rising Tide will be running an "Oil, War and Climate" workshop at a conference on 2003-09-07 which I would like to get along to.

All summer I have been bumping into anti-DSEi people at green fairs etc and a lot of hard work has gone into making this a success so try to get involved. It would be great if there is a really big turn-out for the protests as it creates so much more potential for effective action. If you only go to one protest this year I would suggest you make it this one. Ian Gregory 2010