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The website of the Emma Golman Finishing School is not working at the moment but it has an entry on the website of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.


The Emma Goldman Finishing School is an intentional community in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The community is based on the principals of societal change, egalitarianism, non-violence, ecology, simplicity and community living.


I have only visited Tinkers' Bubble once, back in August 2004, for a TLIO meeting. Rachel Johnson visited recently and wrote about the experience in My cure for affluenza bublished in the January 14th edition of The Sunday Times.


Communities key to Danish housing.


Champlain Valley Cohousing is a multifamily housing and farming community located on a beautiful 125-acre site in Charlotte, Vermont (just south of the city of Burlington). Their website has a good page describing their decision-making method - Sociocracy.

Village Earth is a consortium for sustainable village-based development. They have an Appropriate Technology Wiki Project.


I was talking to someone recently who was on his way out to Wales to do some work on an organic farm at Werndolau, where there is a Radical Routes housing co-op called Fox.


Another long gap in this file. If you followed the link to Draig Enfys then you will know that the housing co-op idea came undone, but during my time in Wales I learned a lot and made some good contacts. I also recently took part in the G8 Bike Ride during which we stayed at a number of housing co-ops.

I just read a very interesting article in The Independent about the Springhill Co-housing Community in Stroud, which claims to be Britain's first new-build estate based on co-housing principles. Some of the houses are available for sale or rent.


I have not made any notes here for a while but that does not mean I have lost interest. I have been working on setting up a housing co-op called Draig Enfys and it has been a roller-coaster ride! I just heard from a guy I know who is interested in joining us later in the year. He is currently staying at Auroville which is described as "a universal city in the making in south-India".


I have moved some notes to a new UK Land Rights section.


The Alternative Housing Conference 2004 will be held this year at Clays Lane Housing Co-op in Stratford, East London, on 2004-09-11. It looks just up my street and I think I will probably attend.


I am still hoping to be be able to get a group of people together to buy a certain farm in Wales but things are dragging on a bit, and property prices are rising fast.


I have re-organised this directory. It used to be about ecovillages and I decided to broaden the scope to include intentional communities in general. There is now a specific ecovillage page - sorry for any link breakage:-)


According to this Guardian article the Welsh Assembly is one of only two governments in the world to formally commit itself under the law to promote sustainable development.


I have not had time to develop this directory, but I have been to look at a piece of land in Wales which I hope to be buying together with a couple of friends for a project. We shall see. Ian Gregory 2010