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Yossarian recently published a good article on Indymedia London called Indymedia and the Enclosure of the Internet.


I missed my chance last week to go down to London to see the European premiere of i, a feature-length documentary which follows the first year of a small Indymedia collective in Buenos Aires.


On 2005-06-27 (shortly before the G8 Summit), the Bristol Indymedia server was seized by police.


Indymedia UK is again under legal threat. Cryptome has a piece entitled IMC UK Threatened by Warmonger EDO.


Over the past couple of months I have crossed paths with a number of people involved on the technical side of Indymedia and they have seemed like a sound bunch - which is reassuring. Less reassuring is what seems to be an increasing number of arguments typified by Indy Media UK: Censored on the flamesong.com website. This was pointed out to me in an email by Tony Gosling when I asked him about a vague insinuation he had made. I know Tony in a couple of different contexts. One is through his Bilderberg website which I first looked at over four years ago, and which is currently number 11 in this Top Conspiracy Sites list. The other is through meeting him on a land occupation in Pembrokeshire where we had a number of interesting conversations without him ever mentioning Bilderberg. He struck me as highly intelligent and rather enigmatic. Then there is a friend of a friend who is apparently claiming that Indymedia is blocking her IP address. The common factor seems to be conspiracy theory, but whatever the truth, there are are certainly some important issues being raised. I will elaborate at a later date.

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