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The Bilderberg Group


Goodmagazine includes the Bilderberg Group as one of six organisations in the GOOD Guide to the shadowy organisations that rule the world (or not).


I have lost interest in Bilderberg as such but I am still interested in how it and the issues around it are affecting grass roots political and activist groups. In all my previous entries on this page I have mentioned Tony Gosling, so this time I will point out a web page which is critical of him and his approach to the issue - a page by Space Bunny called Tony Gosling ( - Fellow traveller of the far right. I know Tony and have met him several times. I don't know Space Bunny and (as far as I am aware) have never met him, but I have come across him on the Internet in several contexts.


I met Tony Gosling at the TLIO Easter land occupation of Castell Henllys but the conversation never turned to Bilderberg. I recently came across, which is another one of his websites.


Since last visiting Tony Gosling's Bilderberg website I have waded through an awful lot of conspiracy theory on the web but also discovered the excellent and painstakingly neutral wikipedia which has this entry about the Bilderberg Group.

Browsing through Tony's site again I came across a page which attempts to answer criticism that those who criticise Bilderberg are anti-Jewish. The Anti-Defamation League have an article Debunking the Bilderberg Myth which suggests that critics of the Bilderberg Group are on the far-right if not actually anti-Semitic. But according to ADL WATCH this is a standard tactic of the ADL, who use the "anti-Semitism" label as a weapon to suppress any criticism of Israel. What a tangled web we weave!


I was thinking I should update this page but there is not a lot to add. Tony Gosling is still doing a great job maintaining his Bilderberg website and getting the PEPIS newsletter out.

Incidentally, in the 2003-01-21 edition of PEPIS Tony claimed that 2003-02-17 is a likely date for either a major terrorist incident or the start of US action in Iraq.


Have you heard of the Bilderberg meetings? Some would say that the participants of these secretive meetings effectively form a Shadow World Government. If you want to find out more I suggest you start by looking at which is maintained by Tony Gosling. Ian Gregory 2010