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In 2008, 2,538 people died on Britain's roads, on average nearly seven every day. Using official data released by the Department of Transport, this map plots the location of every fatal road crash in Great Britain between 1999 and 2008, a total of 32,298 deaths.


A few weeks ago I came across a fairly comprehensive looking list of cycling related websites for people in England, Wales and Scotland.


I cycled to Amsterdam in June this year and had a great time, but I would have like to be there in August for the Bikes Not Cars Festival.


Good page by Guy Chapman on his excellent ChapmanCentral about Bloody Cyclists. It counters most of the common anti-cycling arguments made by motorists.

Looking at Guy's site I noticed his link to a report about the recent new world record of 82.3 mph for a human powered vehicle.


The man who invented the foldaway Brompton bicycle has been honoured by the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace for his lifelong obsession.

Google now has a Street View trike for extending coverage to places where cars are not welcome.


BBC London has been given the first look at the capital's new hire bike. If all goes to plan, 6,000 of them will be parked on 400 docking stations next summer.


Janice Turner wrote a good article in the Times on Saturday - "We must overthrow the cult of the car and the Lycra-clad vanguard of aggressive men, if more of us are to take to our bikes".


I just realised that I have not (until now) linked to the excellent A to B Magazine.


A Londoner has claimed to have set a new record after he cycled around the world in 175 days.


Why bicycles are a must-have for modern civil disobedience.


Great article in "Bicycling" about DIY bike lanes, including a lengthy report about creating a lane on a Los Angeles bridge - Paint Your Lane.


A new website called Utility Cycling | Use Your Bicycle looks promising.


Early in June I took the ferry from Harwich and cycled up the Dutch coast to Amsterdam with a few friends. Joe has just uploaded a short video of the ride to YouTube.


There is now a Bike Blog on the Guardian website.


Julian Emre Sayarer plans to set off from Rouen in an attempt to break the world record for circumnavigation by bicycle.


I cycled over to St Albans this evening for the STACC AGM, or more specifically for a talk by Ken Spence of Transport Initiatives. He gave an introduction to Danger Reduction, which he calls real road safety, and provoked some lively debate. I hung around afterwards for a chat with some STACC regulars. is a news site about the world of cycling, and as the TV bit suggests it contains video content, either made by or embedded via YouTube (for lo-res content) or Vimeo (for hi-res content).


Police are investigating after carpet tacks were spread across roads bringing a major cycle race to a halt.


The House of Lords has once again ridden to the rescue of cyclists, this time by rejecting a proposed law to enable council contractors in London to remove without notice any bicycles chained to railings.


Women cyclists are far more likely to be killed by a lorry because, unlike men, they tend to obey red lights and wait at junctions in the driver's blind spot, according to a study.


Starting on Friday the BBC World Service will be broadcasting a series of three programmes called The Bicycle Diaries - "A journey to 3 different places around the world to discover communities and people for whom two wheels are better than four".


On August 17th I went in to London to provide a soundsystem for the Tour de Hackney, part of the Shoreditch Festival. I took the opportunity to have a look at some electric bikes that were on display and ask questions. They were made by Powabyke Ltd and were quite impressive, particularly a very light weight prototype machine which should be available this month as the X-byke.


I found a photo on the web of an amazing big wheel bike.


Last month I met up with a few people in Harwich to catch the ferry over to the Hook of Holland. We all had bikes and the plan was to cycle up the coast to Amsterdam. We did about a third of the ride on the first day before finding a place to camp amongst the dunes. The next day we reached Amsterdam by late afternoon and set up at Camping Zeeburg (where I had stayed on my only previous trip to Amsterdam in 2005). The next three days were pretty much spent cycling around the city and hanging out in coffee shops. If you are a utility cyclist in the UK and you have never cycled in Holland it is something that really needs to be experienced. I visited a few coffee shops and the two that I would personally recommend are Paradox and La Tertulia, both mentioned in this guide. I didn't partake of anything stronger than weed on this visit but if you want to try shrooms you might to check out Conscious Dreams.


I just downloaded the free pdf of the latest edition of Urban Velo magazine.


1 Less Car do ethical hi-viz cycling jackets for adults and kids. Produced in the UK by a workers' co-op that supports the Waltham Forest Bike Recycle Centre, the jackets are produced in a range of colours and all sport the "1 Less Car" message.


The Cyclown Circus tours the world on tall bikes.


Here is the Mayor's press release about the plan to transform cycling and walking in London.


This seems like good news for cyclists in London:

London is likely to become one of the most cycle-friendly places in the world, with a series of two-wheeler superhighways cutting a swath through traffic and congestion. Plans for the super-cycleways will be unveiled next week as part of an initiative to stimulate a 400% increase in the number of people pedalling round the capital by 2025.


Several people have told me about a program called "Road Rage" which was shown on BBC 1 at 9pm on January 7th. Here is something from the blurb:

Britain is in the grip of an escalating road rage crisis. Filming on some of the UK's most traffic-choked streets, this special investigation exposes just how bad the situation has become; as violence and abuse in the war between motorists, cyclists, wardens and police escalates without any solution in sight.

I didn't see it when it was broadcast (I don't have a telly) but I just watched it here on Google video and thought it was a pretty good documentary. At 56:46 into the video you get a brief glimpse of me on the back of a tandem towing a brown box on a trailer which is a soundsystem that I built. Due to the fact that it was clearly on a Critical Mass ride and not yet completely finished, I can deduce that it was in fact June 2007 London Critical Mass. Here is a blurry screen capture. The soundsystem is known as Son of Pedals.


The Sustrans Connect2 project has won a £50m lottery grant by topping a public vote.


Bobbin Bicycles is a specialist company selling traditional Dutch Bicycles to customers in London & the UK.


There is some great stuff going on at Rock the Bike! - check out their photo blog for example.


The latest update (4 November) on the UK to Dharamsala Bicycle Caravan website said that they were still in the "friendliest and most hospitable country so far" - Iran.


I just read a great 1973 article by Andre Gorz called The Social Ideology of the Motor Car.


Children are being pushed out of public places because of excessive traffic and adults' fear of anti-social behaviour, says a report from a play charity.


Cycle users will be converging on St Pancras at 8am on November 14th to protest at the lack of facilities for cyclists at London's new flagship destination for the Eurostar.


The UK health secretary has likened the health threat posed by obesity to that posed by climate change. Whilst it is in many ways a silly comparison to make, it is clear that car culture contributes to both problems, and that cycling is part of the solution:-)

French mercenary Bob Denard died yesterday. In January 1968 he attempted to invade Katanga with a force of 100 men on bicycles.


This I Bike MCR website brings together some of the diverse bike groups and rides in Manchester that seek to promote cycling as a form of transport and as something fun.


The Roadwitch Trial is challenging the popular delusion that roads are for cars to drive down and little else.


Remember, September 22nd is World Carfree Day.


I played a bit of bike polo on the recent Bicycology summer tour and it was great fun. I am back in the London area now and have just read about regular games at Brick Lane, every Sunday from 1pm onwards. I won't have time to go this Sunday but I probably will in future. There is a MySpace site for Brick Lane Bike Polo.


A while back I signed a Downing Street petition about the revised highway code and it seems like it has been listened to. Here is the response.


On September 23rd many of London's roads will be closed - but not to bikes! London Freewheel is a Hovis sponsored free event which is open to anyone who completes the online registration form.


People in or near Virginia USA might want to check out an event at the end of July which involves three days of group rides in the foothills of the Shenandoah Valley. Going under the name The Battle of North Valley's Hills, proceeds will go to towards families with special needs.


Following a high-profile campaign from CTC, the Government has agreed to amend the Highway Code to improve cyclists' safety and to encourage drivers to take more care around vulnerable road users.


Someone from the Southbay Cruisers linked to the Bicycology website and said to "feel free" to link back to their site. Since Bicycology is UK based it did not seem particularly relevant but I thought I would add a link here on my own site.


The tinkle of bicycle bells will temper the fury of Paris traffic next month when the city puts 10,000 self-service cycles on to the streets.


Fountainhead Films presents B.I.K.E., a riveting look into the ways in which identity is important for a collective of fiercely independent people. Lots of other good stuff on the site too.


On June 29th this year two brothers will be setting of on a 3,800 mile ride from Vancouver to the Arctic Ocean to talk to some of the people most affected by climate change and to raise awareness of the issue - see Arctic 2007.


April 19th 1943 was an important day for Albert Hofmann, and became known as bicycle day. On that day Dr Hoffman performed an experiment on himself by deliberately ingesting a quarter of a milligramme of LSD, which he hypothesised would be a threshold dose based on other ergot alkaloids. In fact it was about ten times the threshold dose and after a while he asked his assistant to escort him home. No cars were available due to wartime restrictions so they went by bicycle. I just read his description of the ride on the Wikipedia page about the History of LSD.

Ride to Roam is putting the case for increased access to the countryside for UK cyclists. I have slightly mixed views about this because I love both cycling and walking. I like cycling both on road (even in central London) and off road (dedicated cycle tracks, mountain bike trails, canal tow paths etc), but when I am walking in the countryside I would generally prefer not to be disturbed by vehicles zooming past me, even if they are human powered vehicles. Sometimes I cycle into the hills along tracks and then hide my bike in the forest and continue on foot (either running or walking) - giving me the best of both worlds. I can cover a lot of ground in a day and then get to places that are not accessible by bike. So while I would definitely support an increase in the number of off road cycle trails I am not keen on the idea of vehicles being given free access to all the places that walkers are able to roam.


Road traffic accidents, not Aids, cancer or any other disease, are the biggest killer of young people worldwide, experts warn.


There will be c Camp for Climate action in the UK again this year but neither the date nor the location are being publicised yet (I have an idea of when it will be but not a clue about where). I do know that wherever it might be there are people planning to cycle to it from around the country - if you are interested in joining them then check out the Climate Camp bike ride page.

Lucy Rogers write about her experience doing Level 1 of the Bikability Scheme with David Dansky of Cycle Training UK.


SeaFrance are offering free cross channel travel during bikeweek (16th to 24th June 2007) see for details.


It is obviously difficult to take photos or video while riding a bike unless you use a headcam. Lucas Brunelle has shot some amazing video using a custom setup which he describes on his Video How To page. Meanwhile, Cylon Systems have developed a very nice looking piece of kit for police use which can record up to 12 hours of high quality video and sound in any weather and in bright daylight to dark night time alleyways. Unfortunately it is a bit pricey.


On March 10th, the 48th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising, a bicycle caravan will set off from Start Bay (between Plymouth and Exeter) on a long journey to Dharamsala. The caravan is planning to arrive in Dharamsala in time for the beginning of Losar, the Tibetan New Year, February 8th 2008.

Another long distance ride (not quite so long!) will be happening in April. The 2nd Vanunu Freedom Ride will set off from Faslane WMD base on April 7th on its way to London. On April 21st they expect to be doing the Hertford to Hackney leg down the Lea Valley and I am looking forward to joining them for that (it is a really nice traffic free route that I have done a couple of times in the other direction).


Velo-city 2007 will be held in Munich from June 12th to June 15th.


There is a new weekly bike ride in London called the Friday Night Ride. It was started by one of the London Critical Mass regulars but is not intended to compete with the Mass, being a bit more like the Friday Night Skate in nature. The first ride was last week. I could not make it but I heard that it went well. On the last Friday of the month it will probably merge with the Mass but we will have to see how that works out.

I was out on my bike in London on both Saturday and Sunday and racked up a few miles. I took my old beater which is a mountain bike someone gave me for nothing. It looks so trashed that nobody is likely to steal it and if they do then I haven't really lost much (although it could still be really annoying if I needed to get somewhere in a hurry). One thing about the bike is that the gears were totally knackered so the chain was shortened and it now a single speed. On Sunday, while riding to the train station it suddenly felt like my bottom bracket had seized up. I pushed harder to keep the pedals turning and after some odd noises it got a bit easier. I got to the station just in time and once on the train I investigated further. What had happened is that the chain had got slack enough that it somehow jumped up onto a larger cog on the back, but that had put it under tremendous tension and was why it was so hard to turn the pedals. I somehow managed to get it back down to the original cog but then the chain was extremely slack due no doubt to some stretching, but also perhaps due to pulling the rear wheel forward in the slots. At Kings Cross I managed to find someone with a spanner to move the back wheel and get the tension right, at which point I noticed a broken link! One side was completely snapped but I didn't really have much choice and just rode it anyway. I made sure not to stand up on the pedals and surprisingly it lasted the whole day, covering perhaps ten miles in all. Moral of the story? If you don't have jockey wheels to maintain chain tension automatically then check it once in a while and adjust if necessary. I am going to have to replace the chain now.


Josh Hadar is building some amazing choppers in NYC.


Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France will be in the UK this year. The prologue will be a 7.9 km time trial in London on Saturday July 7th and Stage 1 will be the following day, from London to Canterbury.

BikeSummer! 2007 will begin on the Summer Solstice (June 21st) and the aim is to have over 400 different host cities this year. I am already involved with plans for a Bicycology Summer Roadshow from Aylesbury to Exeter via Bath, scheduled for the second half of July, and I guess there is potential for this to become a BikeSummer! event - I will have to bring it up with the collective.


There is an excellent poster on the website of BikeSummer! 2007 A Planetary Celebration of Cycling.


I have been doing some calculations involving the energy requirements of cycling and it has been difficult to find authoritative figures. About the best resource I have found so far is the Energy Requirements of Cycling page at the Cycling Performance Tips website. Here are some useful Unit Conversion Tools if you want to express things in different units.


From an announcement on the cm-london list at riseup:

We, the Oxford Bicycle Polo Crew hereby invite all London cyclists, sportsters, cheerleaders and hardcore spectators to participate in the first ever Oxford Vs London knockabout.

This will take place on Jan 7th at the netball courts on the North-East corner of Clapham Common. Meet at 1pm in the Kube Cafe next to the courts.


I wanted to confirm that the quote "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live." was indeed attributable to Mark Twain. I confirmed that it is and found that it comes at the end of his hilarious account of, Taming The Bicycle.


The BUBBLEHEADS is a bicycle built for 4 riders, each dressed in black and wearing a sphere covered with 200 computerised lights.


If you have an old wreck of a bike lying around and would like to give it a new lease of life, then if you are in Brighton you might want to take it along to specialbike and let them create something special for you.

Lanternhouse International are planning a Velomania festival for next year.


I am not sure where electric bikes fit into the whole cycling scene. I know electric assist can be very useful for getting big loads up steep hills. If motors and generators become small, light and efficient enough then there may come a point where chain and gears can be dispensed with altogether. If you had a lightweight battery or capacitor that could hold enough charge for 30 seconds or so then you could gain from regenerative braking, and you could just keep pedalling at a constant cadence for maximum efficiency. With a trike you could even keep pedalling when stopped at traffic lights etc, storing up energy to pull away quickly when the lights change, or use it as a static pedal generator to power other electrical equipment. A guy emailed me recently about his work on electric bikes and I was just looking at his mr-motorvator website.


Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow is to succeed Phil Liggett as President of CTC - the UK's national cyclists' organisation.

If you are having problems cycling in London due to poor provision for bikes on either roads or trains you might want to check out London TravelWatch.


There has been talk on the cm-london list of starting some sort of mutant bike club in London, which can only be a good thing:-) Speaking of mutant bikes, Rat Patrol UK seem like an interesting bunch, as do Klunker League Now.


Someone I know went to the Bike Film Festival in London recently and was very inspired by a film about a group of bike nuts who come together as a group called The Winking Circle.


September 22nd is World Carfree Day - I hope lots of cyclists are planning activities around it.


Dangerous drivers who kill people on the roads will face much longer prison terms under moves to eradicate lenient sentences.


Will and Ed Stevens finished the Tall Bike Tour Britain yesterday, having clocked up 5,821 miles. I had the privilege of riding one of the prototype tall bikes (built for them by Cyclemagic) for several days on the Bicycology Summer 2006 Roadshow, and am looking forward to meeting up with them at some point to compare notes.


There is usually more than one side to a story, as illustrated by the comments made on Fighting for the Right to Partybike.


An unworkable scheme to register cycles in London and fit them with number plates could bring the welcome growth in London cycling to a sharp halt.


The BBC is running a series of programmes on Radio 4 called The Fall and Rise of the Bicycle.


Give Cyclists Room is a campaign to get cyclists the "ROAD-ROOM" they are entitled to.

On Saturday I was part of the Bicycology crew at the Forest Gate Community Festival which involved a very successful Dr Bike session. I thought I had better find out a bit more about the mysterious Dr Bike


I ended up spending the weekend tackling my overgrown garden rather than doing the Dunwich Dynamo. Hundreds of people did take part and unfortunately a cyclist was killed in a head-on collision with a van.


I have had a couple of Bicycle Polo practice sessions and am looking forward to an opportunity to play in a proper match. There is also a UK Bike Polo website.


Central London's free DIY bike workshop is now open again! The workshop should be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon at 56a Crampton Street.

Southwark Cyclists claim to be South London's leading campaigning group. Judging by the website they certainly seem to be very active.


Cyclemagic is a very cool Leicester based cycling project.

The Ride of Silence went pretty much according to plan. The rain and the football conspired against us but there was still a decent turnout. One participant has blogged about it and another has posted a video on Indymedia.


Tonight's Ride of Silence has been featured on the BBC website! Meeting point is Hyde Park Corner roundabout at 18:30 for a 19:00 departure.


I have been riding my old Carlton around with a dodgy bottom bracket for ages. Not only was it loose and worn, but there was probably at least one missing bearing. Two days ago my crank suddenly developed a couple of extra degrees of freedom while pedalling down a hill and I could hear ball bearings pinging off parked cars! Fortunately I wasn't far from home so I got off and pushed. When I took a look at it today I found that the bearing cup had suffered a dramatic failure - see photo. Fortunately the threaded bit that was left in the frame came out fairly easily and I took the two bits down to the local bike shop. They only do sealed units now but the guy went and looked in the workshop and found one suitable cup which he sold to me together with a new set of bearings for a grand total of £2.50 and I am now back on the road.

Could you do a basic functional drawing of a typical bike from memory? You might want to try before checking out The Science of Cycology by Rebecca Lawson. I was amazed at the errors people made!


There is a group of cyclists mobilising to cover October 12th and 13th for Faslane 365.


People are planning a London Ride of Silence, meeting up in the centre of the Hyde Park Corner roundabout at 18:30 on 2006-05-17 - there is now a UK website.

On June 2nd the G8 Cycle Caravan will set off from Berlin heading to the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg.

Camden Bikefest will be combined with Camden Green Fair on June 4th in Regents Park, London.

This year Ecotopia will take place in Slovakia from August 6th. There will be a bike tour starting in Lithuania on June 18th which which will travel to Ecotopia via Poland. After stopping there for two weeks it will then carry on through Hungary and Slovenia before splitting into separate groups going to Italy and Croatia.


Ride of Silence is a silent slow-paced ride in honour of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways. It will be happening on 2006-05-17 at 19:00 local time at over 120 U.S. locations and eight other countries. There are rides planned for Yeovil and Aberdeen, and there has been recent discussion about organising a London one.


People from Nottingham Critical Mass and the ASBO bicycle workshop have built a bright yellow multi-person powered thingy. And on the subject of mad bikes, check out chicagofreakbike, which is where I found a picture of an outrageous tall tandem chopper.

2006-04-13 have advice, reviews etc about not just bike trailers, but also child seats, "trail-a-bikes" and even bike sidecars.


Bike lovers at Manchester FoE and Manchester City Council have set up a Love Your Bike website.


I got myself to Buckingham Palace on Saturday and joined a small gathering of cyclists in Green Park to wait for the arrival of two tall bikes. The riders were running a bit late and by the time they turned up there were about 20 people to greet them. After the photo opportunity and various delays they set off down The Mall on the start of their 4,500 mile journey and I rode along with them as far as the South Bank. The convoy by now consisted of about 30 or 40 bikes including a penny farthing, a tall chopper, and the tall bike builder on his own machine. If you live along the route why not make the effort to find out when they will be in your area and join them for a section of the ride - see Tall Bike Tour Britain.


On 1st April 2006 William & Edward Stevens leave London, and set out on a 5 month journey around the coastline of Great Britain - on tall bikes! See Tall Bike Tour Britain.


People are already talking about Bike Week 2006 which starts on June 17th. There are no events listed on the site yet but keep checking back. The World Naked Bike Ride presumably won't be listed because it occurs a week earlier on June 10th.


Douglas Carnall has an interesting website On becoming a super randonneur.


The 2007 Tour de France will begin in London, Mayor Ken Livingstone announced on Tuesday.


A cycling club which lost four of its members in a road crash last week rode with black armbands on Sunday in memory of their dead friends.


The Bikes 4 All project aims to provide residents from the most deprived areas of Leicester with a free bicycle.


On July 31st I decided to save the train fare home from London and rode back up the Lea Valley instead. Much of the ride was along a canal towpath which was very pleasant, but I have just found out that I should have had a permit! For details see the cycling section at


I took the refurbished Carlton down to London two days ago and it was a real pleasure to ride. I am sure I will be out on it again soon for some long fast rides!

I have been watching some Lucas Brunelle Videos of street races in NYC.


Needing a bike today, and with the mountain bike effectively out of action, I decided to get my 25 year old Carlton Pro-Am 12 out of retirement. This bike was bought new for me by my parents when I was still at school but it has been hanging on my shed wall for years with five broken spokes on the front wheel. All the other spokes looked ropey too and a full set of new ones would have cost almost as much as a complete wheel so I went for the easy option. I had replaced the back wheel a couple of years before laying it up so now it has two good wheels and everything else seems to be in working order.


My current mountain bike is on its last legs. Yesterday the bottom bracket seized up while riding. Fortunately after forcing the crank round a couple of dozen times (causing a loud screeching sound) something must have shifted and it started working again. The front wheel has been buckled for ages but now the back wheel is going. I had recently replaced a couple of spokes on the sprocket side but pretty soon a couple more went. Today two more went ping and the wheel started rubbing on the frame. There is so much else wrong with it that it hardly seems worth fixing.


The Perils of Cycling by Robert Hanks in the Independent is yet another piece about the alleged 50,000 extra cyclists that have taken to the streets of London since the recent bombings. If offers newbies some pretty good advice.


I had never been to 56a Infoshop but had heard great things about it so while I was in London on Friday I went to check it out. I knew that they have been setting up a free bike workshop and when I arrived there were a load of local kids outside the shop with some bikes in various stages of repair and my friend Tim trying to maintain some semblance of order. He was replacing a broken back axle and explaining all about ball bearings - barbarians as the kids were calling them:-) If you know a bit about bikes and enjoy working with kids then you might like to volunteer to do a couple of hours a week.

Transport for London have some good Tips on staying safe for cyclists.


Today on Brick Lane I saw a guy carrying a load of stuff in a type of bike trailer that I had not seen before. I had a chat with him and he told me about an excellent website called


Lionel Shriver has written an amusing and insightful piece about the experience of cycling in London from a New Yorker's perspective. Check out London: the city that hates cyclists published in yesterday's Guardian. I actually enjoy cycling in London but it is the same sort of masochistic pleasure I get from cross-country running in cold torrential rain:-)

Also check out Chain Reaction by Tom Geoghegan on the BBC website, in which he ponders the sudden surge in popularity of cycling in London since the recent bombings on the tube.


There is an audio archive of "The Bike Show" (Resonance FM) at unstablesound.


Apparently the World Bank are trying to get rickshaws banned in Bangladesh where up to 100,000 people derive a living from rickshaw pulling! Is destruction of the environment one of the main functions of the World Bank, or am I missing something here?


The National Cycling Strategy Board has said the level of cycling in Britain is among the lowest in Europe with only 2% of journeys being made on two wheels. Philip Darlton, the board's chairman, says an extra £70m is needed to meet government targets on reducing congestion and enhancing air quality.


Jeremy Deller, winner of the Turner Prize 2004, lives in London and is into cycling. In fact, Southwark Cyclists were invited to spend two days at his installation where they spoke to visitors and did their bit to promote cycling in London.

The Bicycle Film Festival will be coming to London in 2005 and they are seeking submissions.


I came across an organisation called "Little Fiets". Not much on the website apart from their rather cool sounding constitution.


Someone pointed out this Guardian article by George Monbiot about how technology could be used to restrict all vehicles to the local speed limit, which would be predicted to result in a huge reduction in road deaths.


This BBC report about Yury Gitman's "wireless bike" implies that it is something of a first. According to Yuri's own magicbike website he introduced his idea at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in May 2003 and its second appearance was at the July 2003 NYC Critical Mass.

The Bread & Water Tour aka Ecotopia Biketour 2004 is a 6 week project for everyone interested in do-it-yourself "diy" environmentalism, culture, nature, community life, cycling and generally being cool this summer - just the opposite of the all-inclusive flight to the beach.


There has been an invitation to meet tomorrow at 18:30 on the steps outside Tate Britain (Milbank, SW1) for a cycle ride to the opening of an art show Trinity Buoy Wharf.

The Peace Cycle 2004 is a bike ride from London to Jerusalem to raise awareness of the occupation of Palestine and support a just and peaceful settlement. It will begin in Trafalgar Square on 2004-08-14.


There is a World Naked Cycling Demonstration planned for 2004-06-19 - see Ciclonudista. Ian Gregory 2010