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European Social Forum 2004


There is an ESF 2004 blog on which has been posted another report covering some of the same events as my own.


The ESF has now finished. I did quite a lot in spite of an extremely badly timed cold and have written this report.


I have been too busy to keep up with much of what has been going on in terms of preparation for the ESF but I do know that the Wombles have been busy getting stuff ready for Beyond ESF.


There will be a GEN Europe session at ESF - "Ecovillages: The Velvet Revolution - Ecology and Community: Integrated sustainable living for the 21st Century. Tony Gosling (plus others to be confirmed) will be speaking - I don't yet know the time/place.


Yesterday I went to a Free Festival for Peace at RampART and have just written this report.

2004-09-08 was down when I first tried looking at it last week. It is working now though - with a new hosting provider as discussed here. Ian Gregory 2010