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Not The Real DeVoy


On 2004-12-29 I received an email from Stephen DeVoy in which he offered to prove his identity by posting a unique series of characters of my choice on his website. I did not take him up on the offer because I could see no reason to doubt him. He thanked me for "watching over the interaction with KOBEHQ".


The string "0101110" has now been removed from DeVoy's website as Canadian said it would. This has been fascinating, but in the end rather unsatisfactory because I still don't really know anything about what is going on. It seems like we have two protagonists - the anti-establishment DeVoy being attacked by the pro-establishment KOBE using COINTELPRO style tactics. But is there more to it than meets the eye?

Checking the thread at Maritimes IMC where I posted as Lux Foil two days ago - the original post is there but the thread is now hidden and the comments do not seem to be accessible.

Checking www.stephen-devoy.com just now I notice that he has put up a link to a Western Mass IMC article about the Deadham, MA Police. Interesting because the Author is "Stephen DeVoy", the date is today, it has been hidden with code "Rated Down" (current rating -7) and the subject is related to the content of the Worcester IMC article I linked to yesterday.

But quite apart from that, I have noticed a few too many minor strange coincidences for my liking. Have I fallen into a trap - wasting my time trying to separate fact from fiction when it could all be part of a greater fiction? Am I being used as a pawn by person or persons unknown who are thinking many steps ahead of me? It is time for me to bow out before I go too far down that road:-) You are welcome to take up the baton, but before you invest any of your limited time on this sort of investigation I would suggest taking a look at this introduction to the Babylon project.


On 2004-11-17, I put up a webpage to summarise a minor piece of research I had done into an "organisation" called KOBE Headquarters, and on 2004-11-23 it got cached by Google. Last night I was reading this thread on the Maritimes IMC and decided to leave a comment with the URL of my KOBE page. I was curious to see what would happen and I was not disappointed. The initial post and subsequent comments all appeared within the space of a few hours on 2004-12-06. Here is a summary of the thread giving time, author and title. Note that the "author" field need not bear any relationship to the actual author!

So what do we make of this? What I know for certain is that I posted the "Hall of Mirrors" comment, and that was the only thing I posted. Prior to that it seems that there were only two people involved in the thread; one posting as Stephen DeVoy and one as Canadian. The initial post looks like an obvious deception, and Canadian says as much in the first comment. The impostor brazenly continues to pretend to be DeVoy and then Canadian offers some proof. This proof rests on the claim that Canadian is in contact with the real DeVoy, ie the person who controls www.stephen-devoy.com. Canadian says that he will phone the real DeVoy and ask him to post the string "0101110" on his website for a day. When I looked at the website the string was already there - I will have to check back to see if it disappears.

So the obvious interpretation of the thread is that someone was posting as Stephen DeVoy in order to slander him (not sure if that is the correct legal term but you know what I mean) and Canadian (who the impostor accuses of being an FBI agent) steps in to expose the fraud. There is of course the possibility that there was only one person posting and that they were playing two parts of a charade! Anyway, the interesting thing is that shortly after I posted my comment as Lux Foil, up pops the infamous KOBE SBM with his trademark evil laugh - "BWAHAHAHAHA".

So what else? Looking at my Apache logs I can see a couple of interesting hits on the link I posted. One was three minutes before KOBE SBM responded and one four minutes after. They were from two different IP addresses.

Finally, when Canadian signed off he said "Action has already been taken on Espada". Naturally I was curious so I tried Googling for KOBE+Espada and hit the Jackpot with a Question For Those Who Occupied Harvard Square posted to Worcester IMC on 2004-12-01, according to which Gustava Espada is an infiltrator.

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