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Mumia Abu-Jamal


Because Mumia is so well known there is a fairly comprehensive entry about him and his case on Wikipedia.


Photos of April 19 Mumia Demo in Philadelphia.


I am not covering this case very well! Things have moved on considerably since my last entry. On 2005-12-06 the third circuit court of appeal agreed to hear a number of important defence claims. See for example Justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal.


April 24th is a big day for Mumia, not least because it is his 50th birthday - his 22nd in prison. It is also the release date for his latest book, a historical account of the Black Panther Party. Supporters are planning activities in Philadelphia to mark the occasion.

On 2004-02-09 Kevin Cooper came within hours of being executed by the State. The San Francisco Bay View published his harrowing account of the experience.


In September last year Common Courage Press published a book by investigative reporter Dave Lindorff called Killing Time An Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. I have not read it myself but it has been well reviewed, with a 5 star customer rating on Amazon, so if you are looking for more information you might want to get hold of a copy.


I guess the most significant thing that has happened is that a federal judge overturned Mumia's death sentence almost a year ago - see this Reuters report on the crimelynx website. That is by no means the end of it though, since both sides are appealing the decision - see this 2002-10-30 Legal Update on the case by attorney Elliot Grossman.

As I mentioned below, part of the reason for my interest in this case is due to my opposition to the death penalty. While searching for general information on the subject I came across an excellent Internet based human rights organisation at www.derechos.org which has a very useful section on the death penalty issue.


Welcome to my new Mumia Abu-Jamal page. This major revision was prompted by an email exchange with a Mr A. R. Gore of San Francisco who persuaded me to be a bit more sceptical.

Mr Gore is sure that Mumia is guilty; basically he does not believe that such a major conspiracy as that required for a frame-up could have occurred. He claims to have investigated over 50 homicides in his career, and that his only interest is in "the truth". He certainly seems to be well informed.

I accept that Mumia may have killed Officer Faulkner, but since I have no first hand information I can't rule out a frame-up. US government agencies have had plenty of practice in stitching up political opponents (search the web for COINTELPRO if you don't believe me).

I have taken part in two pro-Mumia events, a picket of the U.S. Embassy in London on 1998-12-12 and a rally in Philadelphia on 1999-12-11 so you know where my sympathies lie. The thing is, even if I was certain that Mumia was guilty of the killing I would still be opposing his execution because I doubt that he received a fair trial and anyway I am opposed to the death penalty.

The controversy surrounding this case does at least draw attention to the persecution of MOVE by the authorities in Philadelphia which Mumia was fighting before his arrest. He is still fighting from his cell on death row, and his words have been an inspiration to millions.

Anyway here are some links and if you don't like what they say, don't hassle me about it:)

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