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Living Marxism - Festering Fascism


Time for a few quick updates:

My original link to the Deichmann Article on the Wayback Machine is working again.

My original link to the Guardian Unlimited Special Report no longer works, so here it is on the wayback machine.

I missed something quite important in my earlier entries. After LM's bankruptcy in 2000, various people who had been involved with it founded an online magazine called Spiked, which George Monbiot talks about in his December 2003 Guardian article Invasion of the Entryists.


I have just updated the George Monbiot links on this page because his site is on dot com now, and not dot org where I originally found it. Also, I noticed that the link for the Deichmann article on the Wayback Machine no longer works - strange because I thought it was supposed to act as a permanent archive? The alternative link on the Serbian Network site does still work though.


This is the strange story of a glossy magazine called LM, formerly known as "Living Marxism". On 2000-03-14 the High Court ordered LM to pay UKP 375,000 in libel damages to ITN, forcing it to close. Was this a serious blow to press freedom as LM would have had us believe? Not according to George Monbiot who published this article titled "Far Left or Far Right? Living Marxism's interesting allegiances" in the November 1998 edition of Prospect.

LM Online was hosted at www.junius.co.uk (domain registered to "Junius Publications Ltd") which resolves to but there appears to be nothing listening on 80/tcp. However, thanks to the wonders of the Wayback Machine we can look back in time and find an archived copy of the offending article by Thomas Deichmann, which is also reproduced on the rather disturbing Serbian Network website.

George Monbiot's article basically claims that LM, despite it's supposedly Marxist heritage, was in fact a mouthpiece of the lunatic far right and that it did "more to confuse and destabilise the left than any overtly right-wing organisation".

There is an excellent summary of the ITN libel case in this Guardian Unlimited Special Report.

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