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Representatives of the G20 group of developing countries have called for the resumption of global trade talks, which were suspended in July.


EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson has blamed the US for the collapse of the latest round of global trade talks.


World Trade Organization boss Pascal Lamy has warned that the ongoing failure to establish a new global trade deal has now hit a "crisis situation".


Russia has taken over the chairmanship of the G8 group of nations for the first time.


Riot police have fought running battles with anti-globalisation protesters near world trade talks in Hong Kong, in the worst violence there for 16 years.


Several thousand people have staged the first of a series of protests in Hong Kong over the World Trade Organisation summit to be held this week.

The Target:WTO website is covering HK WTO resistance.


Leaders of 34 nations from across the Americas have failed to find a compromise on a regional free trade zone at their summit in Argentina.


Another book worth reading might be "Babylon and Beyond: The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements", written by Derek Wall and published by Pluto Press. It is being launched at the Council Room, Birkbeck College on 2005-10-17 at 18:00.


I should probably get hold of a copy of ONE NO, MANY YESES by Paul Kingsnorth.


The undead tighten their grip on power as Paul Wolfowitz looks set to be confirmed as new head of the World Bank at a meeting in New York on Thursday, after tying up Europe's backing.


I have been working on organising a G8 Bike Ride for people who want to cycle to the summit.

EU finance ministers said they have "concerns" about the potential appointment of Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank.


Next year the G8 summit will be taking place at Gleneagles hotel in Perthshire.


I am not going to attempt a definition of Globalisation or explain in any detail why I have a problem with it. Just take it as read that I am generally sympathetic towards what is referred to as the anti-Globalisation movement.

This movement arguably began in 1998 when activists made unprecedented use of the Internet to coordinate global protests which lead to the effective collapse of the MAI. It made leaps and bounds during the following year, culminating in the sensational N30 protests against the WTO in Seattle. The new millennium began with a real feeling of optimism, until the devastating attack on the World Trade Centre in September 2001 when the world suddenly became a more hostile place for those challenging corporate power.

The single best resource for anti-Globalisation activists is probably the multi-lingual Peoples' Global Action website, but if you only read one more thing I would suggest Love Changes Everything by Venus Kamura. Ian Gregory 2010