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A Letter to the Prime Minister


A Letter to the Prime Minister has been finished and it received it's premiere on 2005-05-24 at The Barbican.


British peace activist Jo Wilding has spent a lot of time in Iraq over the past few years, and has been keeping us up to date with inspirational reports on her website. Working with Circus to Iraq she has visited schools, hospitals and orphanages, bringing much needed laughter to the children. She has been accompanied by independent film maker Julia Guest, who now has all the footage she needs to produce a film from Jo's perspective to be called "A letter to the Prime Minister". Jo recently sent out this appeal for money to fund the final editing and production of the film.

It had been almost a year since I helped Jo with some money to deal with the dangerous sanitation problems at the Al-Sha'ala refugee camp so I decided to contact Julia. She replied promptly to my email and gave me her account number, to which I transferred 100 UKP. If you can spare anything then I would encourage you to get in touch with her. Ian Gregory 2010