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University of Hertfordshire


When I was growing up in Hatfield I used to play on fields that have long since been built on by UH. In the maths department at Hatfield School we had a teleprinter which could be connected to a computer at Hatfield Polytecnic (as it was then) via a modem and acoustic coupler. When I returned from the US after dropping out of my PhD I was back in Hatfield and in early 1991 at the suggestion of the unemployment office, I did an eight week course at the Poly (as it still was) called "Systems Development Update". In April 1999 I took a job as a systems and applications manager in what was by now the Hatfield Campus of the University of Hertfordshire. By the time I left UH in February 2005 there was a second, brand new Hatfield campus on the old British Aerospace site, which absorbed students from the now defunct Hertford and Watford campuses. The two Hatfield campuses are now referred to as College Lane (the original one) and DeHaviland (the shiny new one).

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