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Hertfordshire Linux User Group


HertsLUG is (at least for the next couple of months) meeting on the second Thursday rather than the second Wednesday of the month, which suits me. I went along on Thusday for the first time in a while and had some interesting discussions.


I haven't been going to HertsLUG meetings regularly but I did go to the last one and will try to make it more often in future. Steve has created a HertsLUG Room on friendfeed.


I went to the HertsLUG meeting last Wednesday. Malcolm gave an interesting SCO talk.


I will be heading up to Stevenage this evening for the monthly HertsLug meeting. There will be some people from OpenStreetMap giving a talk and demonstration.


At the July meeting Rob hosted Linux Pub Quiz 1.0 and at the August meeting Malcolm talked about Why The BASH Rocks.


There was an idea to have a PGP keysigning event at the next meeting but it may be postponed because Tony Friis will be giving a talk and demonstration of Asterisk the Open Source PBX.

In preparation for the keysigning event, whenever it happens, Steve Clark has created a HertsLUG listing at Biglumber. People who want to get their key signed at a HertsLUG meeting should upload the key to the event keyring.


At last night's well attended meeting I did a little "demolet" of some Google stuff that I have been looking at. Specifically their XML Sitemap Format and their Google Maps API.


HertsLUG now has a Frappr! profile but I have not added myself yet because I got distracted and am now doing some stuff myself with the Google Maps API (which is what Frappr! uses). Getting distracted seems to have become my main occupation these days:-)


I had missed most of the HertsLUG meetings this year but I got along to the most recent one where I met an interesting guy called Terrence who runs a business called F1-IT.com which offers "Networking & Support for Small Business". He was singing the praises of Draytek routers, particularly the built in VoIP support which allows you to plug a standard phone into the router and make calls over IP. But we didn't only talk about IT, he also told me about the Vierdaagse which I had never heard of - sounds amazing.


Here is an excellent Recipe for a Successful Linux User Group.


Last night's HertsLUG meeting in Stevenage was in a new venue, and I arrived late having come straight from a Mid Herts Peace Group meeting. Previously the monthly meetings were held in the Standing Order pub, which was not ideal because of noise and lack of access for some of our younger members. The new venue is the Broadhall Community Centre which is much more suitable. We had a couple of desktop machines and a number of laptops all hooked together and running a variety of distros. A few problems were solved but there was no particular focus. It would be good if people could prepare brief presentations for future meetings but I know I will have great difficulty finding the time. The biggest problem though is lack of Internet access (not that we had it at the pub either) but hopefully we will be able to persuade the management of the merits of ADSL and wireless!

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