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Spiralseed is a small independent publishing venture devoted to producing literature, artwork and information concerning issues such as land use, veganism, permaculture, ecology, organic gardening and so forth from a libertarian and positive perspective.


Have you ever heard of pleaching? If you want to explore then try a Google search for pleaching+grafting, but Richard Reames' Arborsmith Studios is a good starting point. Mitchell Joachim uses pleaching in his Fab Tree Hab concept.


Someone recently told me something about Masanobu Fukuoka's method of sustainable agriculture. In his books, Fukuoka describes Natural Farming as "...a Buddhist way of farming that originates in the philosophy of 'Mu' or nothingness, and returns to a 'do-nothing' nature." According to Google, 28% of web pages that match fukuoka+farming also match fukuoka+farming+permaculture. Check out this Fukuoka Farming website.


The Wikipedia defines permaculture as the practice of designing sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns:

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