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Mundo Pequeno


Still no news of any more gigs for Mundo Pequeno, but my fellow percussionist Malcolm Smith has been doing some stuff with an outfit called The Naked Truth (apparently they were featured briefly on Countryfile this morning!)


No recent gigs but Malcolm has just given me some links to reports of previous gigs including photos, so in chronological order:


The gig at Club Colosseum went reasonably well. We met in the afternoon at Spectrum Radio where a couple of the band members were interviewed on air. By the time everyone got there we only had time to do a brief run through of the set, which was a bit worrying since I had not played since Rhythms of the World. We then headed over to the club where we spent a good couple of hours setting up our kit. The audience were almost all Spanish speaking and there to dance. I still need to learn to relax more on stage, but I did actually enjoy it and there was only one song where I struggled a bit.


Actually the September 4th gig is at Club Colosseum - not Club Bahia as I mentioned in my previous entry. The event is being billed as "MeGaFiesta", and it will go on from 21:00 to 03:30 (which I guess makes the 12 quid entry fee relatively good value). For more details see the flyer.


It looks like we will be playing at Club Bahia in Vauxhall on 2004-09-04.


A couple of months back I met a guy called Rob at a drumming session and he mentioned that he was looking for percussionists for a salsa band. One thing lead to another and on the last two Sundays I have played nice low key gigs with Mundo Pequeno (pay-kay-nyo) at a Musical Open Gardens day in Bayford and charity fete at Bedwell Lodge. Looks like I have got the job:-) Next Sunday we will be playing on the main stage at the Rhythms of the World festival in Hitchin where we will be joined on stage by Katrina of Katrina and the Waves for a rendition of her 1985 hit "Walking on Sunshine". Ian Gregory 2010