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Ivor Cutler


A friend in the US mentioned in an email the other day that "A Flat Man" has been re-released on Hoorgi House Records, which was established by Ivor's family to "ensure the continuing availability of I vor Cutler Material for new and existing fans, and to extend the range of material available".

Google now gives about 88,100 results for "Ivor Cutler", a twenty fold increase in four years. He has a Wikipedia entry.


I have been neglecting this page but perhaps that is a good thing since Ivor apparently hated websites. I never did get to see him live and never will now because he has passed away at the ripe old age of 83. Farewell Ivor.


I have been an Ivor Cutler fan since first hearing the Peel Sessions in the early 1980s (Ivor apparently recorded 21 sessions for John Peel over a period of 26 years!). I have a cherished copy of his excellent album "Jammy Smears", and a couple of his books, but have foolishly missed a couple of opportunities to see him live. There are currently about 4,590 search results on Google for "Ivor Cutler" - try for starters. Ian Gregory 2010