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Pedals Sound System


Pedals was patched together after it was damaged by police at the G20 but later the bass amp went kaput. The top amp was also playing up so both were replaced during the Climate Camp on Blackheath. It is still going strong and I noticed this photo Peals at COP OUT camp of it in action recently at the COP OUT Camp in Trafalgar Square (from Amelia's Magazine).


When the peaceful Climate Camp protest was attacked by police on April 1st in London, one the targets of their wrath was Pedals. Perhaps they didn't like the music but their reaction was a little extreme. Apparently they gave it a serious beating before pushing it over moments before this photo was taken Pedals goes down. From what I gather the bass was still working and it was rescued and ridden away but I don't know the extent of the damage. Pedals is now maintained by Bicycology, and various people have suggested that Bicycology should send the repair bill to the Metropolitan Police. I suppose there is no harm trying but it seems rather trivial given that the cops apparently also beat and pushed over an innocent bystander who who fairly promptly collapsed and died.


Pedals is looking a bit battered but is most definitely back on the scene. It had been languishing up in Lancaster with a few problems that prevented it being utilised but I brought it back down South late last year for a major refurbishment and it is once again being seen around London. Back in 2007 I built a system called Son of Pedals which is now in Lancaster and I am currently working on a new smaller system. I won't attempt to document all of the adventures of Pedals since my last entry on this page but I will leave you with a photo taken yesterday as it led a Critical Mass style bike ride to the Climate Camp in the City of London. G20 Ride


Pedals On the Road is a high power 12v tandem towed soundsystem which was custom built for the 2005 London to Scotland G8 Bike Ride. It had one test run on London Critical Mass which revealed a few minor problems, but once those were ironed out it survived the arduous journey to Scotland in remarkable style. Pedals has since made a number of public appearances including: Ian Gregory 2010