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G8 Summit 2006


Global Action Days is a list of announced actions around the world associated with the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg.

Here is a declaration by the legal team providing support for activists in St. Petersburg, where it appears that the state is acting largely outside the law in its efforts to suppress protest activity.


Last night I listened to some German Hip-Hop and commentary about the G8 on radio program by dj lotu5 which was broadcast four days ago on radio Antifascista/radioActive sanDiago. It included up to date news about the summit from an Anarchist perspective and music from Anarchist Academy, Jan Delay, Seeed, Too Strong and BC400. Worth a listen.

Britain and the US courted the wrath of the Kremlin today, days before the G8 summit in St Petersburg, by sending senior diplomats to a controversial meeting in Moscow of civil society advocates and opponents of the Putin administration.


The Russian Indymedia site now has an International Section for English and other language news/reports during the G8 summit next week and is maintained by an international editorial team.


The cycle caravan set off from Berlin more or less as planned and progress is being reported on a Caravan2006 Wiki.

Meanwhile, a group of experienced UK based medics are travelling to Russia to help provide medical support for the G8 protests in a few weeks and they desperately need money for supplies. I just gave them 20 quid by clicking on the "Make a Donation" button at


Network Against the G8 English info bulletin #1 is online.

Reclaim the Commons! seem to be on the case with organising against the St. Petersburg summit and they are promoting June 15th as an International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8.


The cycle caravan seems like it is going ahead and will be departing from Berlin on 2005-06-02 at 16:00, Brandenburger Tor.


There has been some progress with plans for a cycle caravan to the Summit from Berlin, with 37 subscribers to the mailing list and some new content on the wiki.


During an international meeting in Kiev in February 2006 a decision was made to declare July 14th a global day of action against the G8 Summit. It was suggested that actions be organised around the following five topics:


A draft of the "G8 Summit Communique on Energy Security," scheduled to be released officially on 2006-07-16, has apparently been leaked.


Here is an interview with members of Network Against G8 from Petersburg.


Hugo Braun has put up this list of 2006 G8 Working Meetings.


If you want to attend the G8 international preparatory meeting in Kiev next month you had better get your skates on and fill out this registration form.


A livejournal community has been set up for those who want to discuss this year's G8 protests.

The University of Toronto's G8 Information Centre reported:

On December 22, Kyodo News reported that the 2006 G8 Summit will take place on July 15-17 in St. Petersburg. The summit, which will be hosted by Russia for the first time, will focus on energy security, education and measures to fight infectious diseases.


In 2005 I was directly involved in protest action focused on the G8 Summit in Gleneagles and spent hundreds of hours organising stuff. This was mainly through the vehicle of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride for which I ran the website. The ride itself occupied me for three weeks and was an amazing experience. This year I am unlikely to be involved in any significant way with the G8 Summit in Russia. A number of people who took part in the G8 Bike Ride are interested in doing another ride this year, but the main project is a UK Roadshow which is being planned by the Bicycology collective. I created a cycle caravan page on the G8 2006 wiki at - please add to it if you know anything of relevance. Ian Gregory 2010