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My name is Ian Gregory and this is my website (I have other web presences listed in my FOAF file which you can view here). I am a Chartered Engineer who has worked in Finite Element Analysis and Space Plasma Physics. In 2005 I left my job as a Solaris sysadmin at the University of Hertfordshire to help organise the G8 Bike Ride which lead to me becoming part of a collective called Bicycology and building a soundsystem called Son of Pedals. I am self employed now, still living in Hertfordshire but working more with trees than computers. In December 2011 my mother and I became joint owners of Ware Park Wood. There is a lot more I could say here but I will err on the side of brevity - feel free to send me a message:

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The Open Rights Group is the UK's leading voice defending freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, consumer rights and creativity on the Internet.

NORML UK seems to be the most credible organisation working to reform Britain's cannabis laws.

The Free West Papua Campaign strives to end the Indonesian Occupation of West Papua.

Dignity in Dying campaigns for an assisted dying law in the UK.

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